Scared of medical school reddit

There are many pre-med myths and misconceptions that are perpetuated by the hivemind, a mob mentality that arises from internet hearsay and a fear of missing out FOMO, as the kids call it.

They often play off our basest fears, instincts, or first impressions.

I’m Not Getting into Medical School: What Do I Do Now?

They typically break things down into deceptive black-and-white dichotomies, which are easier for our brain to process and therefore more attractive as ideas. Be careful - buying into these myths could have negative effects on your admissions chances.

This monkey-see-monkey-do myth can be useful at times line dancing, for examplebut your medical school application is far too personalized for such a one-size-fits-all approach. Sure, that formula of activities worked for your cousin, one person, but there were many other factors at play his background, GPA, MCAT, overall time commitments and responsibilities, etc. You might follow the same path and wind up miserable and overworked, without much to make you stand out.

For a healthier approach to your application, click here to find out what really separates the typical from stand-out pre-meds. The admissions committees will think you want to be Indiana Jones or something.

Maybe even choosing a non-science major. But the trolls are hasty in their generalizations, letting small things snowball, claiming others will never get into medical school due to X, Y, or Z reason. The Slippery Slope or Hasty Generalization myth makes a haphazard leap in logic which plays off our fears. In some cases, certain factors will prevent you from getting in, but majoring in anthro is not one of them.

Neither is getting a C in freshman bio. Small blips can be compensated for, and many academic paths can lead to pre-med success. Playing the numbers game to the extreme relies on flawed logic.

Apply broadly all across the country, cast the widest net possible, and your chances of getting an interview will go up! Not exactly. Should you apply to 68 medical schools?

The Darkest Year of Medical School

Only if you want to go insane. Every school gets the same primary application, transcripts, letter of recommendation, etc. So for the most part, with some exceptions in-state vs. We all know this feeling. The Appeal to Authority myth is particularly hard to shake.

In the example above, the candidate is putting a lot of stock into the advice from his superior at the NIH. Well, for one thing, the NIH has nothing to do with admissions and no authority over what constitutes good personal non-fiction for your essays. We make this mistake all the time. When we feel like people are smarter than us, we tend to take their words as objective truth, whether or not they have any specific expertise on the topic.The short answer: You can expect a mixture of courseworklabs and clinical work that varies by year.

The first year of medical school is focused only on classes and labs. Expect to learn lots of basic science, anatomy, and physiology. Expect Labs and dissection. You will be expected to memorize vast quantities of information. Lecture notes are usually made available to help you take in the vast quantity of information. Expect to spend long days and nights studying. It is very difficult to catch up if you fall behind. This exam determines whether you continue as a med student.

During the third year students complete clinical rotations. They become part of a medical team, but at the bottom of the totem pole, below interns first-year residentsresidents doctors-in-trainingand an attending physician senior doctor. Third-year students rotate through the clinical specialties of medicine, learning a little bit of what each specialty entails.

At the end of rotations, you will take national exams that determine whether you receive credit for your clinical rotation and even whether you continue in the program. In your fourth year of medical school, you will continue clinical work. In this sense, it is much like year three, but you specialize. As a medical student, you can expect to spend a lot of time on your work. On many days you will find that your entire waking experience is focused on your education, on classes, reading, memorizing and clinical work.

Medical school is a time-suck that will leave you emotionally drained and exhausted most nights. As you might guess, romantic relations are just as difficult. Expect to be drained for cash and to eat a lot of ramen noodles. In other words, getting through medical school is hard — not just academically but personally. Many students find that it is worth the pain. Others come to see it as years wasted.

Think about your motivation to be a doctor before making this significant financial and personal commitment. Make a reasoned choice that you will not regret. Share Flipboard Email.The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 5 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current.

Katherine Sinclair is an MSc. Kudos, also, on your impressive if slightly boring list of extra-curriculars, and your volunteer work.

If I remember correctly, you'll be preparing your application this month. By the time of your interview in February or Marchyou will have memorized 'Doing Right' a guide to ethics for medical trainees. You'll have bought a suit because you didn't already have one. Some polished shoes. You'll wake up early.

scared of medical school reddit

You will do everything right because you are a perfectionist and you have deduced all the 'correct' answers. You'll even have anticipated those questions which they say cannot be anticipated. But if you're like me, the most difficult questions that you will face during the application process will have nothing to do with your skills or qualifications.

The difficult questions will have to do with your motivation. And if you are serious about getting in, you'll know that this is your cue to lie. Because, we all know, the right answer is not the true answer. They nod, and stick a gold star on your application, but not before they ask the inevitable follow-up: "Why not be a nurse? Don't nurses do just as much to help patients as doctors? I feel that my science background qualifies me to assume the broader work of managing a patient's case in addition to their bedside care.

Medical School Chance Predictor

This is the right answer — the one you've been trained to give — the one that conveniently omits all the other reasons that you want to join the Cult of Aesculapius.

These are the real reasons, though you'll never hear candidates admit them. Physicians even aspiring ones will do anything to maintain an illusion of martyrdom.

It would be ludicrous to claim that students don't go to medical school for the money. It's just that money is not the primary motivator. Fear is. Medical students are not like other students. They are used to being the best, to being treated as if they are gifted of course, many of them are gifted. The thing with medical students is that most of them have never experienced failure.

Not big failure, anyway. Maybe they got mono during their freshman year. Maybe they failed a test once, in the second grade. Still, they play it safe. Having achieved perfection in high school, their goal is simply not to mess it up. For this reason, they do not cope well with uncertainty.If you find yourself depressed and worried, saying Im not getting into medical school, what do I do now?

Dont be scared. You can show your commitment to medicine by applying to medical school a second time. Theres no shame.

scared of medical school reddit

Out of theapplicants to medical school betweenonly 58, were accepted, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. How did the Lets look at two options. Find out where you failed or faltered. If the school identified a reason s why your application was rejected, then act on the problematic area. Example: If the 5 schools that you applied to declined your application on the ground of a low MCAT score, you will know that you need to spend more time and effort studying to improve and retake the MCAT.

Plan out how you will improve on the aspect pointed out as the culprit for your failure to enter the schools. Relevant extracurricular activities can provide talking points during the interview and excellent topical information for your personal essay. The idea here is to reapply stronger the second time around as a person who can intervene to improve human conditions. Whether reapplying to the same school or applying for the first time in a new school after failing to enter med school the first time, avoid using or recycling your old personal statement.

Many, although not all, medical schools encourage reapplying students to call the school for feedback and opinion regarding their unsuccessful application. Also solicit ideas and opinions from friends, family, and other students who were successfully admitted to medical schools for possible areas of improvement of your materials used for application.

Ask family or friends to listen to you as you recount as closely accurate as possible what happened during the previous interview. Filter their input and practice on it until you think you sound credible and your answers are strong. Practice, practice, practice. An addendum can be included in your application if you need to explain something in your background. Otherwise, there is no need for it. Some reasons why you might need an addendum: You need to explain a particularly poor performance during your baccalaureate degree, or you have a criminal record or a disciplinary sanction, or there is a gap in college when you took a leave from school.

An addendum is a proactive explanation for unusual events in your record that you want to straighten out even before the committee notices it.

It is you coming out clean instead of waiting out and hoping nobody notices that blotch on your record. An addendum is usually brief and ends with a positive note like how you have become a better person after such an episode.

Dogged persistence may work for a handful of applicants but many of us need to move on to a different health care careers.If you are visiting this section, most likely you have failed medical school or may be on the verge of failing medical school.

If you are an US medical student, you will probably get a second chance, even a third chance. So make the most of it. But if you have been dismissed from the school, I want to let you know that it is ok.

You are not the first person ever to fall. Your life is not over, it will go on. Failure is a blessing in disguise. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. You can read about how these people failed, but they did not give up. And neither should you. After college, I wanted to start my own business, Cut and Fit.

It was supposed to be an online store selling items related to fitness, from supplements to equipments. I love fitness so why not sell it? I spent half a year developing my site.

I programmed my own shopping cart, set up my merchant account, and made sure I can accept credit cards. I found a distributor who will ship out the products for me. Everything was set. And yet, I never made a sale. So I eventually abandoned my plans and got a job. Even though I lost 6 months of my life and maybe a thousand dollars, I have learned that I hate programming. In addition, I learned how not to run website. You can be sure that I am not repeating the mistakes I made with my previous site.

Your loss does not compare to my loss. I lost way more time and money than you. But there are people who failed even harder than you and yet became successful.

scared of medical school reddit

Look at Henry Ford, for instance. He went broke five times before he succeeded. What you have to do now is to examine why you wanted to go into medical school in the first place.

If you love medicine, you can be a nurse, physician assistant, or physical therapist. But seriously, if money is your goal, there are other ways to get it besides being a doctor.The PDr Chance Predictor was created to help guide medical school applicants as they begin to determine their own candidacy and the range of schools that they should consider applying to.

It takes into account the most consistent top factors in medical school admissions criteria based on retrospective analysis. We understand that there are many other personal and unique components to an applicant, and unfortunately these cannot be represented in this tool. PDr does not guarantee any admission decisions and does not advise applicants on where to apply based solely off the PDr Chance Predictor. How was the data for the PDr Chance Predictor collected?

The information featured in the PDr Chance Predictor was collected from the matriculation year and incorporates admissions data from all medical schools shown. The information is verified and analyzed retrospectively, with the most consistent top factors being extracted as inputs for the tool. Where can I find more information on matriculant data online? How many schools should I apply to?

It varies, but the national average is around schools. This number can be limited by the amount of money and time that you have to complete the applications. In the face of an incredibly variable application process, the more schools you apply to, the higher the chance of being accepted.

For example, a lot of California applicants apply to school because California state schools are very competitive. At the end of the day, unless you are a superstar applicant, you should be aiming to applying to at least 20 schools.

What do each of the categories mean? Each school is also assigned a ProspectiveDoctor Predictor Score. The schools are ranked by their individual ProspectiveDoctor Predictor scores. Why do my chances change with different ethnicity categories? While admissions decisions are not made on the basis of ethnicity, the effects of ethnicity on admissions is statistically well defined.

You can learn more about this on the AAMC website. What is the cGPA? Although admissions committees will see all of your postsecondary grades, for screening purposes this is the GPA that is normally seen.

What is the sGPA? This number is used by schools to determine your competency in core science disciplines.Becoming a doctor almost feels inevitable. Is it time to start thinking about other careers?

Medical Professionals, What Fact Should Everyone Know? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

Should I complete a postbaccalaureate program? Do I need to rethink my application strategy? Keep reading to learn more about your options and get firsthand advice on how to set yourself on the right path.

Maybe you just need a few days to mope.

I’m Not Getting into Medical School: What Do I Do Now?

Or perhaps this is a good time to focus on establishing some healthy habits. Everyone processes setbacks differently, so do whatever works best for you. The road to becoming a doctor is long. Not everyone is cut out for it. You should also ask yourself whether becoming a doctor is the only way you can achieve job satisfaction. Brown says.

scared of medical school reddit

Consider how many other careers there are in the health care landscape. You might want to think about pharmacy roles if you enjoy chemistry. In the end, they both knew medical school was the path they were destined to take. Start by reviewing your academic metrics. How you present yourself really matters, and Dr. Brown advises. You would also be wise to lean on friends and family who can offer encouragement and even lend their skills.

Brown recommends. Even great applicants have some blemishes on their application. One of her biggest concerns when applying was that she obtained a mediocre MCAT score, which many people associate with mediocre outcomes. In fact, Dr. You want to give yourself the best chance of success when reapplying to medical schoolso think carefully about your strategy.

And also be open to other options. Brown is glad she had the time off to gain experience as a bill collector and working for a weight-loss company. That said, a gap year may not be the best route. Some programs offer different start dates, which means you might not have to wait very long before reapplying.

Taking an entire year to perfect your application could be a mistake. If you know medicine is for you and that you have what it takes, then why wait? Gaining an acceptance letter is hard for just about every applicant. Focusing on your performance during interviews is a huge part of putting together a well-rounded application.

In some cases, a successful interview can be what makes the difference. TAGS: application processdoctor adviceinterviewsmedical school admissions. Medical School Find out if medical school is right for you. Learn More.

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