Pareispitze (col bechei), 2794 m

Grazie delle risposta e ciao. Posta un commento. Lungo e faticoso itinerario che unisce la spettacolare cascata di Fanes percorsa dalla facilissima ferrata Giovanni Barbaraalla salita del Col Bechei passando per il lago di Limo. DATA : 14 agosto Appena prima della terrazza, scendiamo ripidamente a sinistra nello stretto canalone con sentiero scalinato a zig-zag che ci conduce al Rio di Fanes.

In conclusione consiglio, una volta iniziato a percorrere la vallata detritica, di prestare attenzione sul lato sinistro per il proseguo del CAI che dovrebbe condurre al Cason de Antruiles. Tracce GPS. Totale ore. Forestale q. Bivio q. Lago di Limo. Fonte q. Pian de Loa. Sella q. Col Bechei. Belvedere q. Ferrata G.

Pareispitze (2794 m)

Deviazione q. Ruoibes de Fora. Largo sentiero q. Sbarco di Fanes.Caro Ernesto, ho percorso 3 volte le Ruoibes de Inze, ma due hanno per me particolare importanza: la seconda,con la mia futura moglie, quando valicammo la Forcella Camin per scendere al Lago Piciodel e poi risalire a Fodara Vedla per quello che mi pare si chiamasse Sentiero dei Cacciatori 2 anni fa la mia figlia maggiore, ammirando la Forcella dal suddetto Lago ha espresso con forza il desiderio di percorrere quell'itinerario di discesa con gli sci.

La prima, fine anni 70, aveva come scopo proprio quello di individuare la via di salita al Col Bechei da quel versante. Un bel viaggio per un palloncino colorato. Ciao e a presto Saverio. Mi dimenticavo della terza. Nulla di particolare, ma tra i baranci, poco sopra la zona delle sorgenti, dove la valle si impenna e la traccia si perde vafeci un altro ritrovamento curioso: un paio di mutandine di pizzo ovviamente da donna.

Honni soit qui mal y pense. Grandi, mitici luoghi, da preservare gelosamente! Il 2 agostoin piena epoca pionieristica dell'alpinismo, L. Geith e W. Non se ne fece niente, e forse fu un peccato. ErnestoM 22 aprile Aggiungi commento. Carica altro Iscriviti a: Commenti sul post Atom. Durante le vacanze estive dels iamo convinti di aver toccato la cima montuosa meno elevata d'Italia.

pareispitze (col bechei), 2794 m

Non possiamo certamente Rauhkofel, una piacevole ascensione.Northern side. Short and intermediate tour. The peak is an outstanding point of view over the nearby Fanis range. From the Lavarella hut, as in itinerary n. For an easier itinerary and to avoid the most complicated terrain undulations and slopes, take the right SSW direction aiming for a marked and high hollow on the northern side, between the two better marked northern spurs of the mountain.

Climb carefully up in serpentine until reaching the head of said hollow, at the point where the rocky belt is lowest. Pass over it with your skies on the backpack and exit on the vast cap at the summit.

The peak is at the northern extremity and is reached over moderate and wide inclines. Retrace the ascent itinerary. From the peak, walk down the summit slopes be careful approaching the rocky gap. Step down the gap and put on the skis and then descend as in the ascent itinerary, avoiding, if possible, the rocky irregularities. Classic tour, safe and easy.

The peak is an outstanding scenic point of view. From here, head on easy terrain between pines and rocks for the base of the steep western slopes. This are surpassed with some serpentines until exiting threshold of two long valleys, between the face of the Col Bechei on the left and its southern platforms on the right, the Spalte de Col Bechei m.

pareispitze (col bechei), 2794 m

Climb directly and in the middle of the valley, towards the southern spur of Col Bechei, which lowers almost to the top of the Spalte de Col Bechei below. Reach the base of said spur war ruinsturn sharply to the left and climb on steep terrain North on wide but rugged terrain, keeping in the vicinity of the crest, until reaching the western fore-summit. Turning right beware of potential ledges and climbing up the last easy slopes, exit at the panoramic peak.

Because of the southern exposition, the spur is frequently snow-barren. Furthermore, the snow is often blown in by the wind. Therefore it will be necessary to climb the peak without your skis.

Retrace the ascent itinerary almost entirely. From the peak, descend on steep and irregular terrain with sharp turns until you reach the base of the southern spur of the mountain.

Attack them first with sharp turns, then with longer diagonals until 60 m from the base. North-western side and south-western ridge. This tour can be paired with the previous one. Its characteristics make it a more mountaineering itinerary. Proceed as in itinerary n. Leave the skis and turn sharply ot the left. The direction of the ascent is determined by the shape of the south-western ridge of Peak I.Soll die Tourenbeschreibung mit oder ohne Karte gedruckt werden?

Haftungsausschluss: Die hier angeboten Tracks zum Download wurden alle selbst aufgezeichnet und alle Touren selbst begangen. Die Aufstiegsspur und der damit aufgezeichnete Track, war nur zum jeweiligen Zeitpunkt und Stunde die richtige Wahl! Home Touren. Tolle Einsicht in das gesamte Tourengebiet der Fanes mit fantastischer Rundumsicht. Abfahrt: Wie beim Aufstieg. Schreibe deinen Tourenbericht! Empfehlungen: Unterkunft u. Nur wenige Schritte entfernt finden Kinder Platz zum Spielen. Vigil in Enneberg und Olang.

Zentralheizung, Duschen mit warm- und kalt Wasser sind ebenfalls vorhanden. Hier findet man Skitouren aller Schwierigkeitsgrade von leicht bis schwierig. Vigil Talort St. Vigil, m Gehzeit Gesamt ,5 Std. Beachten Sie auch die Infos in der Lawinenkunde! Lawinenwarndienst Beachten Sie den allgemeinen Lawinenwarndienst!

Lorenzen vor Bruneck.

Sant'Uberto - Col Bechei

Dort Abzweigung nach links und durch das Ennebergertal nach St. Aus Richtung Osttirol kommend bis St. Lorenzen kurz nach Bruneck und in das Gadertal abbiegen. Vorsicht bei Neuschnee im tief eingeschnittenen Antoniustal und bei der kurzen Steilstufe vor dem Antoniusjoch.Main activities are skialpinism and splitboard. We started from Rifugio Fanes in the dark Click to enlarge. Followingly, we traversed to relatively steep terrain, where the climb on the hard frozen surface was not the ideal one.

We continued by steep traverses up to the plateau above rocky wall. We turned left and a short time after we took off skis and attached them to our backpacks.

The surface of the plateau was not flat and smooth Click to enlarge. There was quite fresh wind on the summit, so we spent there just a short time. The summit book was missing as the box for the book was destroyed. The sun had started to rise through the clouds Click to enlarge. We said goodbye in the hut, and there was a long downhill waiting for us. We reached the ridge on feet with skis attached to backpacks Click to enlarge. The summit of Col Bechei de Sora is almost here Click to enlarge.

Just next to the summit of Col Bechei de Sora Click to enlarge.


We are almost ready for downhill from the summit of Col Bechei de Sora Click to enlarge. Beginning of the downhill was on the ridge Click to enlarge. The snow was very hard Click to enlarge. Downhill from Col Bechei de Sora Click to enlarge.

Relaxation while skiing Click to enlarge. Downhill above plateau Click to enlarge. Skiing on the gentle slope Click to enlarge. It was good fun on the slope from time to time Click to enlarge. Our group is skiing down, whereas colleagues from France are uphilling Click to enlarge. Hazy Dolomites, the sun is on holiday part of Sunday Click to enlarge.

Fantastic skiing down to the valley Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Book Mountains and snow - movement in winter mountains. Alphabet of mountaineering. All activities in mountain terrain covered with snow or glacier can be dangerous with possible serious injuries or deaths. Everybody is moving in mountains according to its experience and its own responsibility, if he is not asking certified mountain guide for guiding. Authors of this web have no responsibility for eventual damages and injuries, which readers can get with inproper usage of information presented here.Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls.

For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Toggle navigation.

Save Add photos See all photos. Log in to vote. It is considered as one of Dolomite areas less contaminated by the mass tourismous. Vigil in Enneberg, follow marked trail no. Time: 2 hours.

Rifugio Pederü - Col Bechei

By car to La Valthen 4 hours of footwork up the marked trail no. From Lavarella hut another 15 minutes till Fanes hut.

From Fanes hutfollow marked trail no. Leave the road here, turn left eastbound and follow the path on the left shore of the lake. Red-white marked path takes you uphill by numerous serpentines to the plateau at m height. Here, you will notice remains of the WWI fortifications. Leave them and turn left up the steep rocky ridge no technical difficulties involved till you see around 4m high wooden cross, fixed to the ground by 4 iron ropes.

pareispitze (col bechei), 2794 m

This is the summit. Have a rest and enjoy the views Gear hiking gear Maps Tabacco No. Table of Contents. Fanes Routes. User Name. Remember me. Log me out when I close my browser. Keep me logged in all the time.

pareispitze (col bechei), 2794 m

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