Kobalt 40v blower

Inserting the 40v Lithium-Ion batteries has its similarities to a 30 round magazine slamming into an M4. A few weeks ago we tested the two 40V trimmers from Kobalt and concluded that it will serve its purpose for the majority of home owners.

The 12 inch chainsaw was a blast to use. The safety features consist of a front guard and a safety lock on the handle. The chain saw can be started only by pressing the trigger switch and the safety lock at the same time. Once you let go of the trigger the chainsaw immediately stops. Tightening and removing the chain from the bar is easily done by turning the tension knob or the chain cover lock knob for removal.

The only tool needed is your finger and thumb. We put the chainsaw to the test and it performed great! We did several cuts on dry cypress logs ranging from 8 inches in diameter — we can credit the performance to the low kick back chain and auto oiler. The weight and balance was great- the weight felt centered throughout the use.

Noise and vibration was minimal and it felt like we had full control of the chainsaw the entire time. The Kobalt 40V Chainsaw does a pretty good job for a battery powered unit. Its overall performance is above average for its class.

Kobalt KHB 350-06 Operation Manual

The next tool in the lineup we tested is the dual blade cordless push lawn mower. Let me start out by asking a question — Does your wife cut the lawn? Men, I ask this because we may be in danger of losing that job. No joke!! By all means I am not calling this mower girly at all though.

The dual blade served its purpose for self mulching and giving a full 20 inches of cut for approximately forty-five minutes on the included 2 aH and 4aH batteries. The grip is padded and was comfortable to use without gloves. Changing the cut height settings is a one step process with the height adjustment lever.

This is different from most push mower settings that are located on each tire and require four separate adjustments.

Also different compared to a gas mower is that starting the mower was simple with a push of a button and holding down the bail switch. Once the bail switch is released the whole system shuts off instantaneously. For storage the handle folds down in two places for a complete compact unit. One thing to note is the low vibration that minimized grass clipping debris from circulating in the air.

This was an unexpected discovery when my neighbor who suffers from allergies used the mower. Normally he wears a mask to prevent him from breathing in the fresh cut smell. He was so impressed and amazed that he wanted to head down to the nearest Lowes and probably would have paid whatever price they asked for.

For a battery powered mower, it performed well. The Kobalt 40V Mower gets above average marks for performance and power.Customer reviews. Write a review. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

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Top positive review. Am able to blow off the driveway breezeway Reviewed in the United States on October 4, Have had it for two months now and it works great. Am able to blow off the driveway breezeway and patio with one charge of the battery.

Top critical review. Reviewed in the United States on May 6, I bought this tool under the impression is was a brand new product. I received it in an unmarked box not an official Kobalt branded box. It's not super powerful, but for my use case, I have no complaints.

The battery life if not the greatest. It uses a bar about every mins.It's not quite up to gas powered performance yet, but the Kobalt 80V blower is getting closer. Decent air speed and outstanding air volume characterize this step in lithium ion OPE innovation. This pushes the power in terms of voltage well beyond the 56V platform we saw from EGO and doubles the standard 40V landscaping tools on the market.

Can we expect the same from the new Kobalt 80V Blower? Several brands have moved away from that bent end design that creates air flow resistance, so this is good to see. The handle has a textured rubberized material for a secure and comfortable grip.

The blower has an auditory beep that indicates that it is active when turned on. A battery saving feature will turn the blower off at 1 minute when left on and unused. Once turned on again, it automatically resumes at the previous speed setting. With the battery installed, the weight is well balanced and manageable making it easy to maneuver in all directions.

For those of us that are merely looking at post lawn mowing cleanup, the Kobalt 80V Blower is more than up to the task. Grass clippings turn and run as if the Roman army itself were chasing it down. Even pebbles up to the size of a dime that had escaped my flower beds were easily blown back into their proper place. Most any yard debris left on a hard surface will be hard pressed to resist your will. However, the trade off on high is here run time as always. As soon as the highest setting was reached it had enough force to push my arm back.

Compared to gas powered options it was quiet and did not have any vibrations. With a max air speed of MPH and max air volume of CFM it is great to know that a cordless battery powered blower can do a good job for moderate applications. Battery life will vary depending on speed setting. However, the battery will be fully charged in 30 minutes. It is well balanced, maneuverable and performs well. Run time issues aside, the air speed still needs to come up to make that claim.

However, when you compare to the other lithium ion blowers out there, the Kobalt 80V Blower is a compelling choice with the power that it offers.

Kobalt 40V Max Lithium-Ion Mower, Blower, and Chainsaw

Want more? Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week! Based on the many disappointing Chinese products that have failed on me I find it hard to believe that this product would be any different. I would wager that the switch and controller would fail first.

Still a five year warranty is impressive, but I bet it has many ways to insulate the manufacturer from replacing the failed unit. I will stick to My Makita mm4 4 stroke blower for now. It starts one pull and has the power and reserve to due the job.

Why cant an american company make a descent cordless blower. Bought Junewent to charge the battery this spring and it would not charge. Called Kobalt like manual said, was advised to return to Lowes for an exchange.

DIY: How to Revive a dead Li-ion power tool battery

Took it to Lowes but they could not exchange it as they no longer stock and they would not give me a refund. Menu Skip to content.This blower is currently unavailable. The current snow blowing market is dominated by blower models which are incredibly powerful and best used for mid to large-sized fields and driveways. And in my experience, the Kobalt Snow Blower is one of the very few models on the market that can cater perfectly to the needs of smaller lawns and pathways.

It boasts both power and performance, and over recent months it has grown to be one of my favorite picks for all domestic snow clearing jobs. I chose to buy only the snow thrower because I have the required 5Ah battery and charger from other Kobalt equipment I use. If you want a snow thrower to clear light-to-moderate amounts of snow cover from your driveway or patio, Kobalt 80V is the ideal option.

Unlike gas snow throwers, this model from Kobalt is lightweight and ridiculously easy to assemble and use. It only took half an hour for me to put it together and take it out for a test run. The crossbar control panel and the on-board LED panel allows easy and quick access to auger settings and battery level, respectively. I liked the thoughtful inclusion of large rear wheels on this unit, which makes it easier to push it up a slope.

It is safe to say that it is one of the most ergonomically designed single-stage snow throwers out there. Perhaps the most significant win-win feature of this snow thrower is how efficiently it gets rid of snow. I especially liked the brushless motor because it maximizes runtime and ensures a longer motor life. Moreover, the degree rotating chute is perfect for removing snow from one side to the other without having to stop.

You will appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of a dual battery slot, which allows you to tackle more extensive snow removal projects without interruption. Also, the battery is straightforward to install and remove and does not take too long to charge. One of the first things you will likely notice about this snow thrower is its exceptional build quality.

Each part of this unit is made from high-quality materials, making it highly durable. In fact, I believe it is the sturdiest single-stage battery snow thrower in its price range. Although the chute is made from plastic, it seems to be strong enough to withstand harsh winters and medium-scale snow removal tasks. Kobalt backs this model with an impressive 5-year limited warranty.

And to top it all, it has a CSA safety listing! Kobalt left no stone unturned to ensure that the users of this snow thrower derive the optimal value for money. You can rest assured that you will get the most bang for your buck with this snow thrower from Kobalt. Kobalts Volt in. It is highly unlikely that you will find any piece of outdoor power equipment that will be flawless. Although you get two speed settings for the auger, I would advise against using the high speed setting because it drains the battery way too quickly.

I could not go through my three-car driveway on the high speed setting and had to recharge the battery. Moreover, the advertised snow discharge of 30 feet is a bit of an exaggeration. It can throw snow as far as 15 to 18 feet, at best. Unlike most high-powered snow blower models, the Kobalt 40V gives me a lot of freedom to work with. Its light and compact design allows me to easily maneuver the device around the yard, and get to those hard to reach places.

The compactness prevents a lot of the mess which bigger blowers are prone to, and the snow clearing mechanism is clean and crisp. The Kobalt 40V inch cordless electric shovel is capable of producing a lot more torque and speed than most other electric snow blowers of its class. Heck, I have even seen it outperform some of the standard gas models which are popular today and give them a run for their money.

The battery capacity is incredible, to say the least, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Kobalt to have the capacity to work more hours than I had anticipated it to. The 2. The batteries are not just rechargeable, but interchangeable and have a lithium-ion platform with which I was always able to do more than I ever could with a standard blower.Lots of people see leaf blowers as loud, fume-spewing wastes of fuel—but newer corded and cordless models offer plenty of power without those drawbacks, which apply primarily to gas-powered blowers that are rarely necessary at home.

The electric Toro F is light, with an easy one-handed speed control, and it moves leaves with a fury. It gets under dense, damp, or matted leaves to lift them and move them forward. We found the simple one-handed interface easy to use, and the curved handle gave us flexibility in positioning the angle of the airstream.

The Toro also provides a second pommel grip at the front of the handle, which is a good thing because the airstream was so powerful in our tests that we sometimes relied on a second hand for better control.

The downsides: weight and cost. For properties more than an acre in size with lots of wooded areas, the Stihl BR offers useful design touches and moves leaves better than the competition. If your property is more than an acre and has densely wooded areas, and if you often need to blast a heap of leaves feet across a field, we suggest the Stihl BR You can certainly find more powerful blowers, but after we conducted a test of the Stihl against four competitors and put it through four years of long-term field testing by pro landscapers, our experts agreed that the midrange BR has all the power anyone would really need.

The BR is chock-full of smart design features, such as an upward-oriented gas fill and a well-protected gas cap. I own a acre property in rural New England that is loaded with maples and oaks, so leaf blowing is a crucial part of my winter preparation. Blowers can clean pine needles from a gutter, blow dust out of your garage, clear grass clippings from a driveway, or get leaves out of thick ground-cover plants like vinca or pachysandra.

They can even clear light dustings of snow. Another way to deal with leaves is to use a lawn mower with a mulching function. These mowers can slice and dice leaves into small pieces, leaving the bits behind to compost and provide nutrients to your lawn.

And leaf mulching clears only your lawn areas—you still need something for clearing walkways, flower beds, and stonework. Leaf blowers can be loud, so learn your local regulations regarding their operation.

Some cities and towns have full-on leaf-blower bans, and others allow leaf blowing only during selected times. For example, Arlington, Massachusettsallows just one blower per 6, square feet, to be operated only 30 minutes at a time, with minute breaks in between.

Other communities adhere to maximum decibel levels. You can find several prominent styles of leaf blower to choose from: corded, cordless, and gas powered. Each has a unique set of trade-offs that make it ideal for different circumstances, but we think corded models are the best fit for most.

kobalt 40v blower

They need to be tethered to an outlet, so they might not be as maneuverable as other options, but they cost the least, have limitless run time, require almost no maintenance, emit a not-so-irritating sound, and issue zero emissions, all of which are major concerns for cordless and gas blowers. Cordless blowers provide power similar to that of corded models but offer a much higher degree of maneuverability.

Couple that with a charge time of around 90 minutes at least, usually moreand it potentially means a lot of starting and stopping, unless you have either a small lawn or a second battery which can get expensive. On the good side, cordless models are generally the quietest blowers. Gas blowers, which were once the standard, are falling out of favor as cordless models gain efficiency.

kobalt 40v blower

We prefer backpack gas blowers to handheld gas blowers: Engines are heavy, so by relocating the weight to your back, backpack blowers can offer a bigger, stronger engine and a larger gas tank for longer run time without putting any strain on your arm.

As for the drawbacks, gas blowers are loud and stinky, and they require proper off-season storage; you also have to mix gas and oil precisely to fuel them up. Concerns over emissions and noise have led many cities and neighborhoods to restrict or ban gas-powered leaf blowers entirely.Quick Links.

Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to your retailer, call our customer. Table of Contents. Blower Kobalt A Manual Electric corded leaf blower 28 pages. Please study them and learn their mean- ing. Proper interpretation of these symbols will allow you to operate the product better and safer. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the appliance accidentally.

A charger that is suitable for one type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when used with another battery pack. Compare parts with package contents list and hardware contents list. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble the product.

Keep the air vents free of obstructions, sawdust, and wood chips. This 40 V Lithiuim-Ion blower is warranted for the original user to be free from defects in material and workmanship. All Rights Reserved. Print page 1 Print document 13 pages. Cancel Delete.

Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Gord said he had lived many lives. At home, he worked just as tirelessly at being a good father, son, brother, husband and friend. No one worked harder on every part of their life than Gord. Thank you for all the help and support over the past two years. Join Spirit of the West with hosts Dave Bidini and Boom 97. Doors open at 7PM and performances start at 8PM on September 13, 2017 at the Mod Club Theatre, 722 College Street in Toronto, Ontario.

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Concert-goers will be participating in the second annual Fund-A-Need, which aims to raise enough money to supply music to 400 people living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, so get ready to donate. This weekend we're in West Vancouver for a free show.

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Kobalt Snow Blower Review 2020

Vince Ditrich of Spirit of the West crooned a lovely "Spanish Eyes". Chris Jeffs photo creditDoug has invented new rock riffs for today's show. Don't miss this Nanaimo. When we say explosion. We have each other. Here's a note from our friends. Love you forever Gord. Tom Petty, Staple of Rock Radio With the Heartbreakers, Dies at 66A singer, songwriter and guitarist, Mr.

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kobalt 40v blower

All the bands in blue have official Facebook pages you can follow. Track your favorite artists on Songkick and never miss another concert. Join Spirit of the West with host Dave Bidini for an incredible night of music with performances by Danny Michel, Andy Maize. It's free and only takes 2 minutes. If you already have an account, simply Login to continue Login Login using Facebook Login using Twitter or Forgot password.

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