How fast can a 25hp outboard go

The engine is the most important and most costly component on a boat. To a large extent, as goes the engine, so goes the boating experience. Making a mistake when choosing an engine — either leaving the boat underpowered or spending too much for too much power — can be costly. The desired speed will be an important factor in engine selection.

Those wishing to travel at high speeds will find the purchase price of an engine and boat equally high. The higher the horsepower rating, the stronger the hull has to be. Think about it: faster a boat hits the water, the harder the hit. Think of a car running over a series of speed bumps placed every 30' across the road. Imagine what would happen to that car if it traveled over a mile or two of those bumps at 70 mph.

The more high-technology materials such as Kevlar and carbon-fiber that are used in the hull, and the more stringers and bulkheads that need to be put into the boat, to say nothing of a thicker, cored laminate, the more the hull will cost. Those who ever wondered why high-performance boats are so expensive with so little inside them now know the answer. Consumer Caveat: During its 18 years of testing boats the most dangerous ones we have tested were all small boats that were overpowered.

Technological advancements in the design and construction of outboard motors has pretty much done away with the idea of four-stroke outboards being noticeably heavier than two-stroke models of the same horsepower output. The lightest version of this model is listed at pounds kg. The Mercury Pro XS is a port-fuel-injected 4. It is lighter but also has lower torque with only 4 cylinders, which can become an issue in certain applications.

Two-stroke outboards in the U. Several years ago Evinrude designed a completely new 2-stroke engine which literally revolutionized 2-stroke design.

Selecting the Right Outboard Engine

The result was the Evinrude E-TEC G2 which keeps the high torque of a 2-stroke, but also is as fuel efficient as a 4-stroke in our apples-to apples testing. At low RPMs, it is as much as twice as fuel efficient as 4-stroke engines. It is also the only engine series under hp that has direct, in-the-cylinder, fuel injection. Often, the weight of the engine and how much the owner can lug will be the determining factor on max horsepower, usually 9. RIBs take more horsepower because they are far heavier than inflatable boats without rigid bottoms.

All boats are weight sensitive and RIBs are no exception. For that reason, owners should get as light an engine as possible that has a lot of low-end torque. That is why 2-stroke outboards should be favored in many RIB applications.Completely reinvented and a IBEX Award Winner, the all-new Yamaha F25 is the lightest horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke.

The bed of your truck. While its streamlined design is up to 25 percent lighter, it still manages to pack in exciting new features—like battery-less EFI and an optional electric start kit. The completely reimagined Yamaha F25 Portable four stroke.

Engine Buying Tips: How to Select the Right Horsepower for an Outboard Boat

The all-new F25 Portable four stroke features a Single Overhead Camshaft, 2-cylinder powerhead, for a compact design that weighs in at only pounds. That gives it the best power-to-weight ratio of any horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke.

The F25 design features two-valves-per-cylinder and a single overhead camshaft, making it the lightest horsepower outboard on the water. This also means better breathing and more power.

The F25's electronic fuel injection system provides smooth running and greater fuel efficiency than the previous F And the system operates without a battery, thus reducing weight so if you want to go light, you can.

A battery is required for electric-start capability. Compare the more compact profile of the F25C vs.

How fast will a 16ft aluminum boat go with a 25 hp on it?

At pounds, it is 25 percent lighter than the F25B. This weight reduction, along with new carry handles means portability in the horsepower class. The F25C also out-accelerates its predecessor, the F25B. The F25C bests the F25B in every measure.

The new F25C outperforms the traditional Yamaha horsepower two stroke. Whether you have a manual or an electric, you can count on reliable starts. The new F25 features a no-battery-required Electronic Fuel Injection for easy starts and even lighter weight. To make starting even easier, there is an easy start decompression device. The F25 features an external oil draining system, making for easy maintenance, by the boater or the dealer.

It now features built-in carry handles, resting pads, a folding tiller handle and an easy oil retention system. This allows for easy carrying and storage on its side, without oil leakage. The F25 has a shortened tiller handle for convenient control of small jon boats.Horsepower speeds you up. What you need is a perfect blend of the two. With 25hp that boat will fly.

You don't need the added weight - it slows you down. A 40hp will weigh about lbs, a 30hp will weigh about lbs, a 25hplbs and a 20hp will weigh only about lbs. If it were mine, I would put a 10hp motor on it. I have a 5hp on my 8' Zodiac, and it flies with just me me on it. I'm just trying to let you know - anything over lbs weight in a motor - turns your otherwise "portable" boat into a not so portable boat at all.

If you are car topping or truck bedding to haul this boat - there will be lots of times you will want to 'take it out' with no one around to help you lift or carry the motor.

When you take the "30hp motor" and add a 10 gallon 80 lbs tank of fuel - you have lbs hanging off the transom. That plus you - is an awful lot of weight at the stern of your boat. So much so, that depending on how much you weigh, you may not be able to see dead ahead. Fact is, it will probably run almost as fast running more level - with less lbs holding down the stern.

Gabriel Lv 5. With only two people on the boat. Answer Save. John Lv 7. My guess. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.I am looking at buying a 16 ft center console aluminum fishing boat with a 25hp motor on it.

How fast will it go? If the water's calm and flat, between twenty-two and twenty-eight. If the water's a little choppy, twenty-five or less. Weight is going to determine your speed also. The lighter the load, the faster you'll get the boat to go. The heavier the load, the slower your speed will be. It will depend on several factors. How efficient the boat is made, what is the pitch in your prop, the weight of the boat, the distribution of the load, and even the placement of the motor on the boat such as proper height on the transom and angle of motor on boat.

But I would say in the neighborhood of 25 mph or even 30 if all other conditions are ideal. Cool cat. Answer Save. Sounds like a decent little water-scooter.

How much?

how fast can a 25hp outboard go

In calm waters with a light load, maybe about mph. In rough seas, with a heavy load, lucky if you get 20 mph, maybe less. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

how fast can a 25hp outboard go

MJ Lv 7. This has "many variables," but I'd say about mph. Source s : put a 55hp on the back of a 16 foot deep-v john boat Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.LOG IN. I have a mirro craft Utility V serris boat or also known as the top of the line lakes and rivers boat at mill fleet farm the one with the live well, floor, and storage rigged up with a 9.

Sort by date descending Sort by date asscending. I called up mirro carft and they told me I should of went with the 40 which it was rated for but thought that was just crazy. Just me and minimial gear it will go Normal amount of gear waves and 2 regular size dudes it goes about 20 consistently. Adding a 3rd person is a real speed killer and we can crawl down to 15 mph. Safe hunt it could be the prop on your Mercury that makes it faster, and just so everyone knows the boats rated for 25 hp.

What is the boat rated for? I have a Smoker Craft Pro Mag with 2 trolling motors and 2 batteries, 6 gal tank and lots of gear. With me and the wife lbs I can get up to I have an older 16 foot deep V which I put a floor, deck up front, livewell, 2 batteries, 6 gallon gas tank, trolling motor, and all the other bells and whistles. I have a 30hp E-Tec. With two people in the boat with tons of gear I can get it up to 26 mph.

Hope this helps. Muskie Hunter Thanks for starting this thread. I cannot help you but have another question. We have two 16 ft Lund, one with a 25 merc and one w a 25 Honda. The honda is considerably slower. What's up and can we improve the speed of the Honda thanks. Please take a moment to visit our sponsors.

Without them we would not be here.Outboard motors have a predefined horsepower. Making these motors go faster can be accomplished with a few modifications and replacements parts. In some areas, however, having a motor overpowered from it's original output is illegal. Change the propeller on the outboard. If you are looking to get the top speed out of your motor, select a propeller that has a higher pitch.

This will slow the acceleration of the motor but the overall top speed will increase. If you are looking for faster acceleration, decrease the pitch. The boat will reach it's max speed faster with a lower pitch but it will not go quite as fast. Adjusting the tilt will change how the boat will move through the water. Lowering the trim will cause the front of the boat to raise. Raising the trim will keep the front of the boat lower to the water.

Experiment with different tilting to find the sweet spot for the boat and motor combo. Decarbonize the engine. Start the motor and run until it reaches it's normal running temperature. Spray an internal engine cleaner directly into the throat of the carburetor. Continue spraying it into the carburetor until the engine dies. Let the motor sit for a half hour. Start the engine. Decarbonizing the engine will remove any carbon that may have been affecting performance.

how fast can a 25hp outboard go

Carry out any required maintenance. Required maintenance includes changing the oil if it is dirty. Check the pump and it's impellers. If the impellers look worn, replace the pump. Always drain gas lines when the motor will not be in use for a lengthy period.

Check with the manufacturer if there are additional parts that may be added to increase the horsepower of the motor. Some motors can be upgraded a few horsepower by changing out the carburetor.

how fast can a 25hp outboard go

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44MPH On A Jon Boat!!!!!

Photo Credits.This chart should be used for general estimates only. Joe Carozzoni offered a suggestion — When builders list the engine. Note: On small boats, speed estimates are mostly based on experience, which usually does not involve all the various hp options.

Please share your performance stats. The following report was based on the first test run. I was afraid to very fast, but rpm put us at 25mph.

How fast will a 16' boat w/ 40 horse go?

I did open up to full throttle for a few seconds to check top end…. The pitch was at. Not that rpm is max for the prop. Aqua Cat: The seats carry 8 persons comfortably. Speed with twin 80 hp Mercury motors is up to 55 mph. Aqua Cat: Powered by twin 55 hp Evenrudes — cruises at mph and will reach mph with 4 people aboard.

Paul Brockhoff. Inwhen the boat was launched, that was fast. We would pull 4 skiers most of the time, 6 skiers a lot, 8 on skis only about 4 times. We sold the boat in to a friend, they sold after to another friend. Then in they gave the boat to my son, free, if we would rebuild it. Mark Prokes. We proved them all wrong! The pair of hp outboard push the 30 footer to

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