Chromebook error configuring network

I'm trying to configure a Chromebook to connect to our secured wireless network, but I'm having trouble. I wanted to check here to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue or if anyone has been successful in connecting their Chromebooks to their secured network. We have two SSIDs. One is a guest network that is open but requires a guest login. Users on devices that connect enter their AD credentials and login. Google searches have returned hits on Google's Chromium site where others are having similar issues, but with no apparent solution.

I've found a possible work around, but haven't attempted it because it requires rooting the Chromebook. I'm leaning toward the Chromebook being at fault, but wanted to cover all the bases and check here. We're running ArubaOS 5. Our APs are all s. Any help is appreciated. Go to Solution. Well, I'm a little embarrassedbut I wanted to post just in case it helps someone else. The password field for the wireless network setup on the Chromebook requires 5 or more characters.

My AD password had only 4. After I changed it to be long enough, the Connect button became clickable and the Chromebook immediately connected. Thanks for your time. View solution in original post. Thanks, but I've tried as you've suggested before posting. After entering all the connection info, the Connect button remains unclickable. I just heard that someone in another area here was able to join a Chromebook to our network, but it's not passing data.

I've asked them what they did to connect and I'm waiting on their response. If I can get the thing to connect, I might be able to glean some info from the logs, but right now the Chromebook I have will not connect. I'll post back if I'm able to make any progress on my end.

I wish it worked for me. I'll post back the results of this update. The update didn't solve the issue. I tried the beta and dev channels and those didn't help either. I'll post back anything I find out that might help someone else.

Welcome Back! Select your Aruba account from the following: Aruba Central Login to your cloud management instance. Partner Ready for Networking Login to access partner sales tools and resources. Airheads Community Login to connect, learn, and engage with other peers and experts. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Contributor I. Chromebooks and WPA2-Ent.Can you help me fix this problem? I am having the same problem after what looks like another Google FU update that has rendered half of my extensions unusable.

Network Error problem has been occurring for weeks now. After 6 weeks, this is getting annoying. Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers in all aspect like browsing, downloading, streaming and much more. And there are many solutions on the Internet, whatever you tried to fix this problem but nothing worked properly, are you annoying for it? Why the Firefox keep crashing? We will give you the answer in the following:. Reason 1: Internet Connection Test for problems with your Internet connection by loading a variety of different sites in Google Chrome, switching to a different Web browser, and running an application that requires Internet access to function, such as Spottily or Outlook.

If the connectivity problems persist, contact your Internet service provider for assistance. Reason 2: Infected with Virus The virus and malware infection may be block your Internet connection. Run a thorough system scan to look for problems and install an additional on-demand scanner — such as Spybot Search and Destroy — to locate and remove any security threats.

Anyway, you should test whether your computer has a virus or not.

How to troubleshoot your Chromebook's internet connection

You may need professional guidance. You need to check the list of installed extensions from Google Chrome. Disable or remove the extensions one by one, restarting the browser each time, to check if any of these tools are causing issues. Warm prompt: If you can fix this problem with yourself, welcome to click on the Live Chat button and tell us your question.

We will provide you with 24 hours online service. In addition to the above reasons, there could be more complicated reasons lead to your browser get this error, but we would not be in detail here. The more important is to find feasible ways to solve your problem, so you can try to follow the tips below to fix your problem. When get this error, one of the reasons could be outdate software.

Check for Malware: Malware can cause crashes and damage your web browser, as well as your system. Therefore, checking for malware using good anti-virus software is another option when you get an error. Resetting Chrome: Google Chrome uses a profile folder to store personal data.

So once you reset chrome, it will create a new profile folder and move all the history, bookmarks, passwords and cookies to that folder.Chromebooks thrive on an active Internet connection, even though apps are being developed for offline use. When that connection is severed, the Chromebook can be like a fish out of water.

With a few simple steps, you can get your Chromebook back online where it belongs. There are two places where you can make changes to your wireless settings on a Chromebook.

In the Internet Connection section at the top, you can allow proxies for shared networks and edit your saved wireless connections. The wireless settings in Chrome are a bit more advanced than the simple controls in the status bar. From the list of available networks in the Settings tab in Chrome, click the network name you want to connect to. The app runs a detailed diagnostic that gives you in-depth information on what could be causing you trouble.

It makes sure Chrome is up-to-date, checks for a DNS server, and it also checks whether internet traffic is being blocked by a captive portal. When in doubt, follow the age-old advice of turning everything off and on again. Turn your Chromebook off, turn the modem off, and turn off the router if you have a separate one. Wait a good minute or two, then begin rebooting your devices. Start with the modem, followed by the router and then, finally, your Chromebook.

Try to connect another device to the wireless network. If that device can use the web when connected to Wi-Fi, the problem is with your Chromebook. If not, the router may be at fault. If none of your other devices can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, there may be some other problem with your router. If not, the router, modem, or your ISP are the likely culprits. Ultrabooks Chromebooks Laptop Accessories. Where the wireless settings are There are two places where you can make changes to your wireless settings on a Chromebook.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Related: Chromebooks Networking Hardware.Looking to deploy Chrome Enterprise for remote workers? Visit Set up Chromebooks for remote work.

What to do if your HP Chromebook 14 cannot connect to Wi-Fi [Troubleshooting Guide]

You can set up and configure networks for mobile devices, Chrome OS devices, and Google meeting room hardware. When you add a network configuration, you can apply the same network settings for your entire organization, or enforce specific network settings for different organizational units. You can automatically add configured Wi-Fi networks to managed devices when the devices are enrolled in mobile management.

Additional Note: A mobile device always inherits the user's Wi-Fi network settings. Before you begin: To apply the setting for certain users, put their accounts in an organizational unit. Requires having the Shared device settings administrator privilege.

Note: Dynamic WEP You can also point to each icon to review its status. Download the app from the Chrome Web Store. You can install and configure third-party VPN apps like any other Chrome app.

For details, see Set Chrome policies for one app. For example, you could specify to use the username or full email address of a signed-in user, so users need only to provide their password to authenticate.

To use this feature on Chrome OS devices, specify one of the following variables in the Username or Outer identity boxes during Enterprise During Otherwise, users are prompted to enter their password to sign in.

Enter the text for the variable exactly as shown in the Variable column in the table below. Note : On Chrome OS devices, this variable is only replaced for networks that apply by user. The first rfcName Subject Alternate Name field from the client certificate matched to this network based on the Issuer or Subject pattern.


The first Microsoft User Principal Name otherName field from the client certificate matched to this network based on the Issuer or Subject pattern. This parameter enables strict SafeSearch for all searches, regardless of the setting on the Search Settings page. Learn how to prevent SSL searches from bypassing your content filters.

To remove a certificate, go to the table of certificates, point to the row, and click Delete. The card contains a searchable table of the configurations for that type of network. To remove a network configuration from an organizational unit, click Remove to the right of the network. This option is available only if the configuration was added directly to the organizational unit.

For an After the user connects manually for the first time, the credentials are stored in their profile on the device. On future logins, they are automatically connected to the network. If multiple networks satisfy a rule, the device breaks the tie by applying the next rule on the list. Accessibility: Network management settings are accessible by screen readers.Brand Representative for Cumulus Global. I am a non-technical home user, but recognise some of the problems above.

The black-out usually lasts 10 - 20 minutes, and may occur 3 - 4 times a day. It seemed to lie in the router, since if I connect by cable before the router I can resume internet connection. I spoke at length with the D-Link support desk, and downloaded new firmware, but the problem persisted they claimed they had never heard of this before, or even heard of Chrome OS.

I then bought a new router, a TP-Link, and the problem continued.

chromebook error configuring network

Over Christmas our daughter also was using a Windows laptop, and our son a Nexus 7 tablet, and the problems were almost continual. Hi Lagardelle. I wish I could help you. The problem hasn't re-occured for me since I cycled power on that switch 3 months ago. I still don't know anything more about what the problem was. I have statically assigned an IP several times at the DC and the Chromebook works for a few hours then is bumped off again.

chromebook error configuring network

I know that's the first response everyone wants to have but it is true here. I really think its an issue with the device.

I have around wireless devices on my network not all active at the same time with 45 access points. Any given AP is capable of handling over clients. The only thing I can think of is a configuration issue with the chrome book settings. That is my next step. By the way, I'm running a Ubiquity Unifi network which works very well. All on an MS domain. I'll check the Chromebook and post my findings here for the community.

I just purchased 20 chromebooks for my school. I have not had any problems with them connecting, except for a bandwidth issue which has been resolved. Friday, all 20 were on and performing wonderfully. Yesterday I started having issues with about 4 of them.If you have trouble signing in to your Chromebook with your Google Account, try the steps below. If you forgot your username or password, go to accounts. This message means that your Chromebook doesn't have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Try these options:. You'll need to use another account to sign in to your Chromebook. Learn why your account may have been disabled.

If you get the error message, " Sorry, you don't have permission to sign in, " you'll need to ask the owner of the Chromebook to give you permission to sign in.

Or, you can browse as a guest. If the steps above don't fix your issue, try these troubleshooting steps. Google Help. Help Center Community Chromebook. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Sign in Fix sign-in problems. Fix sign-in problems If you have trouble signing in to your Chromebook with your Google Account, try the steps below. Fix email or password problems Choose the error message that appears: "Sorry, your password could not be verified" or "Couldn't find your Google Account" or "Wrong password.

Try again. Make sure your Chromebook is connected to the Internet, with a strong connection. If you recently changed your password, try signing in with your old password. If you don't use a gmail. For example: somebody example.Test your Chromebook after each step to see if the problem is fixed. Fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your Chromebook. Google Help. Help Center Community Chromebook. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback.

Send feedback on Help Center Community. Check that the network you want to connect to works with your Chromebook. Problems connecting to wired networks Make sure your Chromebook is connected to the router with a working Ethernet cable or USB adapter. At the bottom right, select the time. If your Chromebook is connected properly, you'll see Connected to Ethernet.

Try connecting a different computer to the router. If it connects properly, you might need a different cable or USB Ethernet adapter. Problems connecting to mobile networks US Make sure your Chromebook can connect to mobile networksand that your connection is on.

Set up networks for managed devices (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, VPN)

Restart your Chromebook. Make sure the T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless network is turned on. Call your mobile carrier if you have problems connecting. You can also try switching mobile carriers: Sign in to your Chromebook as a guest.

chromebook error configuring network

Turn off the Chromebook. Insert a SIM card from a different mobile carrier. Turn on the Chromebook. Problems connecting to mobile networks outside the US Make sure your Chromebook can connect to mobile networksand that your connection is on. Check that your SIM is activated. If you're still having problems, contact your carrier.

If you don't know the PIN, call your carrier or use mobile data roaming. Was this helpful?

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